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French American Lawyer-Author Romano Joins ICC Case re: Israeli War Crimes Against Palestine

New York, NY, February 22, 2021 — Recent news from the International Criminal Court (ICC), Holland: It has JURISDICTION over the PALESTINIAN territories in its dispute against the ISRAELI occupation (

Dr. Frank Romano stated, “I am elated that the ICC court has rendered this verdict. Israeli leaders should be held accountable for war crimes, in particular under the 4th Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute. As such, it will provide deterrence for Israeli leaders who will hopefully refrain from continuing to confiscate and/or destroy Palestinian property, unlawfully transfer Palestinians them away from their homes, etc.”

Romano, a French American lawyer, declared, “I was one of the international lawyers who submitted briefs to the ICC arguing that it has jurisdiction to prosecute Israeli leaders, such as Netanyahu, for war crimes committed against Palestinians.”

He reports that, “I will assist the ICC prosecutor with the legal analysis and accumulating evidence by re-submitting a 65-page complaint against Netanyahu and Lieberman that I had already filed with the court several months ago.” He added that, “I will add former President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo to the complaint as they were accomplices to Israeli war crimes.”

He concluded that, “If they are convicted, they will be sentenced to a prison term in a country that has agreed to enforce ICC sentences.”

Romano is an activist and author of Love and Terror in the Middle East, 5th Ed. It chronicles his experiences as a peace activist in the Holy Land for the last 15 years. The 5th edition includes a chapter on when he recently stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer preparing for the destruction of a Bedouin village — Al Khan al Ahmar in the West Bank. He was promptly arrested, imprisoned in Jerusalem and eventually deported to France.

He is an expert speaker and writer on the subject of peace activism in Israel and Palestine, and the ICC. Romano obtained his Ph.D. Sorbonne University in international law, is a member of the California and French Bars, and is a retired law professor of the University of Paris, France.

Dr. Romano was the key speaker in a recent event about his activities as a lawyer for Palestine against Israeli war crimes before the ICC. To view it, please visit Zoom Palestine: Frank Romano & the ICC  or The presentation begins about one-fourth of the way into the recording.

Finally, he was recently INTERVIEWED by «Middle East Eye,” a very prestigious and widely read LONDON news outlet.

“Joe Gill and Mustafa Abu Sneineh of MEE did an amazing job in rigorously covering my activist work. It also includes my work before the ICC on behalf of Palestine.” Published on March 21st, 2021, London, UK. To read it just click on link below.

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Peace Activist French/American Disobeys Israeli Court Order: Went Underground In Palestine

Paris, France and Houston, TX, October 15, 2019 — Frank Romano, Ph.D, disobeyed a court order to leave Israel and Palestine on September 25, 2018. Romano, preferring to continue his work in Palestine, disobeyed the court order and went underground to avoid arrest.

Romano then worked with a team of lawyers in Ramallah, West Bank, preparing a case against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Secretary of Defense Avigdor Lieberman and others, before the International Criminal Court for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and other serious international offenses.

In 2018, Frank Romano and other activists stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer preparing for the destruction of a Bedouin village ─ Al Khan al Ahmar in the Jericho Valley, West Bank. He was promptly arrested and imprisoned in Jerusalem. He was thrown into a cell with four hardened Israeli criminals who immediately attacked him, striking and stabbing him with a sharp object. Bloodied and injured, he broke away from the onslaught and pounded on the door. After the guards came and saw the dripping blood, they pulled him from the cell and locked him in solitary confinement.

The following day, Romano was to stand trial in Jerusalem. The police, instead of taking him to court for the trial, drove him to the airport after an Israeli Military Court convicted him of a felony and ordered his deportation. When the judge became aware of the police duplicity, she ordered them to return Romano to Jerusalem to stand trial. After the trial, he was acquitted and released.

For a decade, through interfaith grassroots efforts, Frank Romano has brought Jews, Muslims and Christians together from all corners of the world in support of peace. However, this was a voyage into a tense war zone, the first time defending Palestinian Bedouins, and he has a story to tell.

In Love and Terror in the Middle East (5th Edition), Romano recounts this last voyage to the troubled Holy Land. It covers his arrest, his experiences in jail, his living under-ground in Palestine, and then his second arrest and subsequent deportation. He presently lives and works teaching French in the Sabra and Chatilla Palestinian and Syrian refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon.

Dr. Frank Romano — PhD Sorbonne University, France

Tenured Professor: University of Paris

Author of Love and Terror in the Middle East, 5th Edition

Romano’s contact information:

Email:; US Tel: 732.915.6837; FrenchTel: +33606943900 (WhatsApp is the same number); SKYPE: fromano6; or



Rosa Syed: “extraordinary….provides a profound insight into the relations of Jews, Muslims, & Christians in the Middle East.…A magnificent book on the current events and the road to peace….”

Mark Russell Bell: “Reading Frank Romano’s memoirs, I was reminded that paths of spiritual discovery involve the intellect in relation to one’s dedicated research and contemplation….I also found myself acknowledging once again that the true ‘holy’ land in the transitory world we call Earth is not limited to any geographical area but is the condition where one recognizes that all people are members of the same vast family.”

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