ZOOM Interviews

RACHEL CORRIE, an American activist, died in 2003 as she defended a Gazan home from destruction by an Israeli bulldozer. A ZOOM meeting took place on March 21st, in her honor, organized by JACQUI BASKER, with the participation of FARID BITAR and FRANK ROMANO. To view it, please click on the following photo and arrow below:

Rachel Corrie had a vision to help the Palestinian people from the ruthless demolition of Palestinian homes in Gaza by the IDF and gave her life in pursuit of that vision. She knew she had to take the necessary risks and courageously stepped up in front of the bulldozer which crushed her into the Gazan earth.

Frank Romano in a Zoom PRESS BRIEFING interview, by “Foreign Press Association!” Interviewed by Ian Williams, President of the FPA, about the recent International Criminal Court (ICC) finding that it had jurisdiction over war crimes committed in Israel-Palestine. To view it click on the photo & arrow below:

The FPA reported: “In the face of continuing US and Israeli opposition to the move, Dr Romano will explain the fervor of that opposition, the legal background of the case, and what its consequences could be for Israeli and indeed Palestinian leaders.” The interview was organized and produced by Jamie McGeechan. New York City, March 12th, 2021, 5 pm EST.

ZOOM meeting with Frank ROMANO, “ZOOM-BOMBED” by ZIONISTS.

Below is the link to the YouTube of Frank Romano’s ZOOM presentation last Sunday. He discussed his filing of a complaint with the ICC (International Criminal Court) against Israeli officials for having committed war crimes against Palestinians. Israel immediately contested jurisdiction of the court over the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Gaza.

The court recently granted jurisdiction so that the ICC prosecutor can proceed with the case. This is an important game-changer, and in response, Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, is attempting to pass a law forbidding anyone to cooperate with the ICC and is pressuring its allies to block the investigation.Viewing what happened during the ZOOM meeting, you will see that ZIONISTS obviously fear the ICC decision.

It was “Zoom-bombed” during Romano’s presentation on the Israeli war crimes including the bombing of Gaza, and the ICC decision. According to event host Jacqui Taylor Basker: “Participants were viciously insulted, accused of anti-Semitism, and warned that “the goyum will be Jewish slaves.” These attacks were not omitted from this recording of the Zoom event so. . .SEE for YOURSELF!! Click on the following link below the picture. (Presentation starts about 1/4 of the distance from the beginning of the recording)


FREE PALESTINE ZOOM Frank Romano- invites you to view video of ZOOM meeting for PALESTINE-filmed from New York on Nov. 29th, 2020.

Meeting discussed the latest from Palestine, the need to continue the fight to free Palestine, the aborted convergence of Palestinian leaders, the normalization projects between the UAE, Bahrain, etc. and Israel, and the continuing demolitions of Palestinian homes, confiscation of property, etc. by the Israeli government. The latter is intent on de facto annexing Palestine and shoving Palestinians into Bantustans like South Africans under apartheid, and suffering the same dehumanizing and ideologically entrenched racial discrimination. Jacqui Taylor Basker organized, moderated and filmed it. Several activists were present, including Alan Baxter, Kelvinj Brown, Frank Romano and others. To view it, just clink on the link below (picture of Palestinian flag through which Israeli soldiers shot bullets and tear gas cartridges a couple of feet from Romano’s head during a demonstration at Qalandia Checkpoint, near Ramallah.): To view it, click on the link below: